Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hand Painted Bedsheet

Fabric painting is a nice way of beautifying plain boring fabrics with your own design and style. Long back I had painted a favourite cartoon character on a bedsheet for a kid!Here is a short tutorial on how I did it freehand.
Bedsheet, fabric colors, paint brushes
1First of all I bought a readymade plain bedsheet from a shop.
2 There are craftshops with a large variety of designs, they also transfer patterns for a nominal fee but I could not not find one.This pattern is strictly designer as its not symmetrical:)
3 If you are doing it freehand like me leave 20" from the edges , you will get a rectangle.This can be a guideline for placing the pattern.
4 Keeping the sheet clean is a huge task but has to be done to avoid mishaps, fabric paints are permanent.
5 One can use a frame for painting, but I did not use one.
6 Try to do the flowers, then leaves and so on.
7 Shading can be done in a similar way.
8 Dark colors should be done first ,light colors go last for obvious reasons.
9 After completion let the colors dry for 24 hours , then iron on reverse side to fix them.
10 Handwash the bedsheet gently.
I have used Decorative painting and one stroke painting techniques on the bedsheet and loved it!


  1. One stroke painting is my favourite technique too and quite addictive. You have done a wonderful job on wooden plaques and fabric. How did you manage to do OS roses on a cotton bedsheet? The brush does not move on cotton for me - did you base coat the area of painting with white paint first?

  2. Practise will get the desired results!

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